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Ag District

Application for Ag District


For more information please call Dutchess County Soil and Water or visit:



The new County Ag District Mapping Tool can be viewed at https://gis.dutchessny.gov/ag-districts/

New York State Agriculture & Markets

Visit NYS Ag & Markets web page for information as well as Ag District Law

Ag District or Ag Assessment?

Ag District Questions
  • What if my property is not included in an Ag District?

Filing for an Ag Value Assessment on your property taxes does not automatically mean the property is included in an Agricultural District. You may file what is known as an Individual Commitment.

  • What’s the difference?

If you are included in an Ag District, your farming operation is protected by the New York State Ag and Markets right-to-farm laws. Each town has a variation of what is required for a business (farm are considered a business), and you will be responsible for complying with all town rules and regulations.

  • How do I get my property included in the Ag District?

If you feel that your property should be included in an Agricultural District you will need to file a request form with Dutchess County Soil and Water during the annual sign up period.  This specific time period is set by the Dutchess County Legislature for annual enrollments.  This time period is the only time you can enroll a parcel into the Ag District.  Check this website for a form or give us a call at 845-677-8011, ext 3.