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Recent Projects

The Interns Go to Summer Camp!

The 2019 interns of DCSWCD got a chance to develop several lessons using the EMRiver table to bring to the Tymor Park summer camp. They used the EMRiver table to introduce kids to different types of hydrologic events, such as extreme rainfall, stream dynamics, flood management and stream diversion methods.


These different lessons allow us to explain how the natural world functions around us. Many kids have endless questions such as “where does water come from?” or “why is this stream dry?” and “what happens if there was a super tsunami?!”. With our lessons, we were able to answer all their burning questions in a concise and interactive way!

N. Quaker Hill Rd

The drainage channel on North Quaker Hill Road in Pawling was not sufficiently transporting runoff water during rainfall events and was causing flooding. We guided the town on how to rebuild and stabilize the channel to mitigate soil erosion and maximize water collection and transport.

First, the drainage swale was re-dug to an optimal shape and size to allow for more water to flow during heavy storms. The Geo-textile fabric was placed on top of the channel bed to help prevent erosion. We used the hydroseeder to apply a pasty top-soil layer to provide a healthy medium to maximize grass growth.

Once the entire swale has been sprayed with the hydroseeder, the next step was to spray grass seed and let it grow! The new drainage channel allows for sufficient water transport and now helps reduce flooding.