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MS4 Billboard and PSA Contest

The MS4 committee holds an annual Billboard and Public Service Announcement Contest. The Billboard contest is open to High School, Middle School, and Senior Citizen groups.  Please note the PSA contest is for High School and Middle School students only. Additional educational material is provided under supporting information.  If you have questions about the contest please contact Wanda Livigni at 845-452-8562 or Erin Sommerville at 845-677-8011×3. 

Please check back for future contest information. 


Supporting information-

WP MS4 Stormwater – Tips for Homeowners

WP MS4 Stormwater – Managing the Water’s Edge

WP MS4 Stormwater – Life at the Waters Edge

WP MS4 Stormwater – Backyard Conservation

WP MS4 Stormwater – After The Storm 

Annual MS4 Reports

Every year each MS4 must submit an Annual Report to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC).  The reporting period is March 10th to March 9th and reports must be submitted to NYSDEC by June 1st.  These Annual Reports show how the MS4 is complying with the requirements of the permit during that reporting period, and provide an assessment of the community’s program. Please contact your municipality for any further information on their Annual Report.

Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4)

In 2003, the storm water program was expanded by the federal government to include additional sources of storm water pollution from construction sites and smaller municipalities.  Municipalities affected by the small MS4 regulations included:

  • City of Beacon
  • Town of Beekman
  • Town of East Fishkill
  • Village of Fishkill
  • Town of Fishkill
  • Town of Hyde Park
  • Town of LaGrange
  • Town of Pawling
  • Village of Pawling
  • Town of Pleasant Valley
  • City of Poughkeepsie
  • Town of Poughkeepsie
  • Town of Union Vale
  • Town of Wappinger
  • Village of Wappingers Falls

Stormwater Publications

Helpful Links

Dutchess County’s most recent Annual Report is available for review at the below link. If you have any questions please contact M. Azher-Uddin at Dutchess County DPW at (845) 486-2925.

Dutchess County’s Annual Report

New York State Small MS4 Permit

New York State DEC’s Stormwater Website