DCSWCD has presented a wide variety of educational programs to area schools. Two of the most popular programs are “Ronny Raindrop” and the “Enviroscape.” The educational programs offered include:
    • Conservation Field Days
    • Educational programs for schools
    • Enviroscape
    • Envirothon
    • Ronny Raindrop


Conservation Field Days

Educating elementary school students on farming and conservation methods.

Ronny Raindrop
Helping younger children understand the water cycle and nonpoint sources of pollution.


The Envirothon is a series of hands-on contests in which teams of high school students complete to solve environmental problems. The event works much like an athletic competition, and the winners of that event get the chance to compete in the NCF- Envirothon.

The Envirothon stimulates practical curriculum development by establishing broad study areas and helping schools to find useful resources in their community. Partnering schools with your local Soil & Water Conservation District, and other environmentally concerned organizations, is a smart match. Conservation Districts alone cannot provide students with a first hand look at what environmental careers are like.



Enviroscape is a model of a watershed that gives older students a hands on experience, educating them about watersheds and non point sources of pollution.