Ground Cover


Daylily:  (HermerocallisSunset)

Description: 36″ high perennial. It has a flower that is orange with a yellow-gold throat.  Daylily is a highly adaptable plant. It will thrive in most soil conditions and  will tolerate light shade. This plant is drought resistant, and almost disease  free. Daylily also has an extensive root system that makes it an excellent plant  for soil erosion areas.





Hosta(Undulata Albo Marginata)

Description: 22″ high, spreading plant. It has a blue-green leaf color,  and a funnel-shaped, lavender flower that appears in July. Hosta will tolerate  sun, and grows best in well-drained soils. This plant has an extensive root  system, which makes it excellent for erosion control. It is also disease  resistant.




Pachysandra: (Buxaceae)


Description: 1′ trailing evergreen. Spikes of  snowy flowers bloom in April. At it’s best in shade and acid soil. Good cover  under trees & shrubs.